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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Some more items and....

    Some more items and will be adding;

    Three Bohning fletching jigs. One is from a previous classified post and two are from a friend who is moving out of state.
    These jig retail for over $42.00.
    note; checked at post office - 1 shipping box will hold 2 of these jigs. So buy 2 and only $12.50 shipping
    New and all in box - Bohning 3 degree Helix - $25 plus $12.50 shipping.
    Used, but like new - Bohning 3 degree Helix. - $15 plus $12.50 shipping.
    Use, but like new - Bohning Big Jig 1 degree offset - $15 plus $12.50 shipping.
    Have new in package (1) Bohning vane stripper, will throw in with one of the above jigs for $5.00.

    New, never used Neet target belt quiver, brown leather 3 tube, side pouch and compartment, retail over $50.00. Asking $20 plus $12.50 shipping. Has STAFF embordiered in with Presley's Indoors.

    Slug of Bohning vanes - still sorting. Will break down in batches, so ask. Want 36 for a dozen arrows, will do. Mostly Blazers and Mini Blazers. Shipping??? I don't know, $6.00 any amount...
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