Shot with a Fred Bear staff shooter today. He shot it pretty decent, but he wouldn't spot me 20 points and him shooting Known 45 with Range Finder and me with all unknown - we shot the same course, stake for stake. He didn't turn in his score card. Honestly, I think he may have got me by a handful of points. If he would have spotted me 20 I would have trashed him....
Amazingly, I recieved the Pekin 3D score sheet first thing this morning. Finally, a for real confirmed win and not only a win, but high overall. Whew! Man, it's been a hlong season. Rain outs to beat the band, a Shoot Off that I just plain disliked, a 5th place finish and good handful of 2nd place finishes.

If by what one the club's member said they had a pretty good turn out, but the score sheet sure doesn't show it. Can be 30 names on it. And for the the above staff shooter didn't turn in his score because he name isn't on the score sheet.

I got off to a good start except for one stupid mistake. One target had sun blind spot and I tried to force the shot and force means "ya just flunked archery one on one." So a five. Other wise I was clean through target 16. Target back in a black hole I could see to save my life and gave it a "Hail, Mary." Well, that didn't work, so another 5. Did okay up to this McKenzie Mountain Lion. Pretty easy shot, but I could get lined up and tried to let down and in doing so my release fired. So 3 stupid mistakes for too dang many 5s. I had four 8s and then a five 12s to help make up some losses.
Mercy! And lead off on this bedded buck at something of 30 yards. I shot for the 12 and got it. Evidently I marked it good because the 3 others in my group followed right in. Yes, four 12s on the same target at 30 yards. Incredible....

Actually, I was kind of surprised by the three in my group. Range finders and they miss a point zone? One target was down hill (over a rolling hill) and across a small ravine. Two led off and I shot 3rd. I took a look with my binoculars (35 yard target) and both their arrows had to be 10 inches above the 10 ring? I ook my shot and just hit high of the 12 ring for a good solid 10.
I like Pekin. They set one tough course after another and this weekend was another tough one.

Sonny Thomas 287
Darrell Lee 263
Clint Lafary 260 .... Believe it or not, these were the top 3 scores of all classes, even classes shooting a lot close, 30 yards max, and all known yardage..