Just got back into archery after a very long hiatus. Many moons ago I used finger savers on the string. One on top and two under the nock. Attached the same to the new x-200 a couple weeks back. Shoot what you know seemed the way to go.

The first few days it appeared I was given a reprieve from what I thought would be a long learning curve. The shot groups tightened up real quick. Then, all of a sudden (last night) , it all went to crap. Same repeated today. Arrows veering off to the right and nearly a foot apart at a mere 15 to 20 yards. After doing some research, it looks as though this method isn't used much. Either a tab, glove, or mechanical release is the string slinger of choice.

So, am I using something proven inadequate, too difficult, or is it just out of style? I'm fairly certain it's got to do with the release process. It's not target panic. More like target anger now, lol. I'm not releasing early. Anchor is consistent, level, with minimal hand to grip contact. I'm able to hold it steady within the 10 ring so it's not wobble. Once I 'let go' there is this brief moment of visual fuzziness where I lose the clear focus of the site, arrow, and target in alignment. Bow movement from something. I've also noticed more reverberations in the string noise than before. I'm thinking the actual release might be a little more intentional than it should be. Any ideas or suggestions welcome.