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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Bohning tiny vanes

    Well, I got a chance to try the Bohning 1" Micro Mini Blazer, 2.2 grs, and 1 1/2" X vane Shield cut, 3.0 grs. I had before used Mini Blazers and they shot great.
    What I did, I have Post in Classifieds to sell some of my friend's odds and ends he's trying to sort out before he moves out of state due to his promotion. So grabbed a few vanes to see how things were. I was not disappointed.....

    Now, for those who have decent shooting bows and want a little fps these vanes will get the job done. Figure 4" vanes weigh something of 9 gr to something over 14 grs. you have 27 grs and 42 grs of weight in vanes opposed to Micros of 6.6 grs or 1 1/2" X vane Shield cuts of 9 grs.
    Micros, 6.6 to 27 grs = 20.4 grs or approx 7 fps.
    Micros, 6.6 to 42 grs = 35.4 grs or approx 12 fps.
    X vanes, 9 to 27 grs = 18 grs or approx 6 fps.
    X vanes, 9 to 42 grs = 33 grs or approx 11 fps.

    If to Bohning's own 2" Blazer you're looking 18 grs for 3 vanes. So 3 to 7 fps gain. And of course, less weight on the tail gives more FOC.

    So I messed up.... Not really really hot, but humidity is to the point you can almost swim in the air. Yeah, dripping wet standing in one spot and not a hint of a breeze. Camera didn't want to work, wavy and blurry for some dang reason (probably me) and I was so sloppy dripping wet I wasn't walking to the truck (tile still not finished) to get my Chronograph. BUT! I did shoot some. Now, my Pearson is pretty dead X zero for 20 yards, but with the Micros and tiny Shield cuts I was chewing the top out of the X ring of the NFAA 20 yard target. At 25 yards it was the same and more. At 30 yards almost the same high.
    I saw no deviation for windage. Dead on as normally.

    Now, I don't need faster. Those of us in Super Senior of the ASA are still regulated to 280 fps and I'm already over that at 284.5 fps. Only the plus 3% error keeping within the speed limit. And then most of the clubs I shoot at don't have speed limits. I have not been shorted for being on the upper end of the score sheet.

    Soon as the weather breaks I'll have some pics and chronograph readings....
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Bohning tiny vanes

    My camera is working. Don't know what was wrong. Started working on it's on.

    Took a pic of the tiny 1 1/2" X Vane Shield Cut compared to a Bohning 3", a AAE 3.87" and feathers of 4.5". Didn't know I still had some old wood shafts still around - 4 fletch arrow. Even found a couple more far prettier...

    Anyway, sure one big difference and accuracy is great for all these arrows.

    Tried to make the pic reflect the actual size. By my scale the Shield cut is 1/8" longer than it actually is.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Bohning tiny vanes

    I tell ya, Illinois weather can kill ya. Humidity so terrible one minute, incredibly beautiful the next, like to froze to death last night and real early this morning. Now, warmin' up again, but nice breeze.

    A little stiff this morning. I laid 400 pounds of concrete to start the bottom of the header for our tile. Really not bad, but climbing down and up a near 8 foot bank too dang many times 'cause I needed this or that didn't help matters. I didn't think they made 40 pound bags of concrete that heavy when I was a younger

    Anyway, got out to fling a few and then got serious for the little 1 1/2" X vane. Wasn't going to fight the breeze so shot 2 arrows, one at 20 yards and then 30 yards (and stupid does his thing)
    But I got 2 good shots and said, "Quit while you're ahead, Sonny." Later, I did go back to 35 yard and dropped one in. So the little vane does do what it's supposed to do.....

    And I didn't see any since in chronographing the difference between the 1 1/2" and the 1 3/4" 1.0 gr heavier Shield Cut I use. I'm not degrading the 1 1/2 Shield Cut, but for the difference, 3 grs heavier and 3/4" more steering, I'll stick with the 1 3/4" Shield Cut.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Bohning tiny vanes

    And while I was at it, I went through the Bohning catalog. For all their vanes the vast majority have Best Choice, Good Choice and Not recommended. Really, not much different than other vane makers. Still, where Bohning has Not Recommended for the Mini Blazer and X2 Blazer, I know some hunters that swear by them. I have a friend who loves the X2 for everything, hunt and all target use. Oddly, Bohning has only one 4" vane, named Killer, that is rate Good Choice, this in leau of the favored 2" Blazer. And then I wouldn't give the 3" parabolic the time of day.

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    ya I saw that the mini was not recommended for broadheads. I can see maybe using them for 3D, trying to gain a little speed and FOC. But since I am a hunter first and target killer second, I practice with the same arrows I hunt with. Maybe they'd steer a Rage or other mechanical broadhead just fine, but here in Washington we can't use those lol.

    Nice review though, thanks for your hard work and attention to detail!
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    i went to the 1.5 shield cut x vane a few years ago and haven't looked back. they help my FOC which is another reason to use 'em.

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