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    Sonny Thomas

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    Well, I got a chance to try the Bohning 1" Micro Mini Blazer, 2.2 grs, and 1 1/2" X vane Shield cut, 3.0 grs. I had before used Mini Blazers and they shot great.
    What I did, I have Post in Classifieds to sell some of my friend's odds and ends he's trying to sort out before he moves out of state due to his promotion. So grabbed a few vanes to see how things were. I was not disappointed.....

    Now, for those who have decent shooting bows and want a little fps these vanes will get the job done. Figure 4" vanes weigh something of 9 gr to something over 14 grs. you have 27 grs and 42 grs of weight in vanes opposed to Micros of 6.6 grs or 1 1/2" X vane Shield cuts of 9 grs.
    Micros, 6.6 to 27 grs = 20.4 grs or approx 7 fps.
    Micros, 6.6 to 42 grs = 35.4 grs or approx 12 fps.
    X vanes, 9 to 27 grs = 18 grs or approx 6 fps.
    X vanes, 9 to 42 grs = 33 grs or approx 11 fps.

    If to Bohning's own 2" Blazer you're looking 18 grs for 3 vanes. So 3 to 7 fps gain. And of course, less weight on the tail gives more FOC.

    So I messed up.... Not really really hot, but humidity is to the point you can almost swim in the air. Yeah, dripping wet standing in one spot and not a hint of a breeze. Camera didn't want to work, wavy and blurry for some dang reason (probably me) and I was so sloppy dripping wet I wasn't walking to the truck (tile still not finished) to get my Chronograph. BUT! I did shoot some. Now, my Pearson is pretty dead X zero for 20 yards, but with the Micros and tiny Shield cuts I was chewing the top out of the X ring of the NFAA 20 yard target. At 25 yards it was the same and more. At 30 yards almost the same high.
    I saw no deviation for windage. Dead on as normally.

    Now, I don't need faster. Those of us in Super Senior of the ASA are still regulated to 280 fps and I'm already over that at 284.5 fps. Only the plus 3% error keeping within the speed limit. And then most of the clubs I shoot at don't have speed limits. I have not been shorted for being on the upper end of the score sheet.

    Soon as the weather breaks I'll have some pics and chronograph readings....
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