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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Ouchie!!!!!

    Got stung by a wasp, not once, but twice while dumping a load of fill for behind the header wall of our tile.
    Dang thing seems to have come out of my ATV. Sprayed all underneath, but swearing I saw the wasp or another again after I parked my ATV. By the time I put away the ATV and tools my hand was on the swell. Soaked in ice water and then wife had my soak my hand in Epson salt water. Soaked it a bunch before I went to bed.

    Got up this morning and my hand swollen and warm to the touch. So more soaking and all that did was make it feel better. Wife gave me some pill for alergic reaction, but ain't nothing happening to make me feel good about missing another 3D.

    Started soaking my hand again (see pan in pic). My release hand is so swollen there ain't no way I can get off a accurate shot needed for the Galesburg 3D. And then there's no valley between the first, second and third knuckles. So fit to the jaw bone ain't happening either. Feels like I have a glove on about two sizes too small - that tight.

    See red lines. One sting left a small round bruise. That one is probably the one where the wasp started his attack run from about 10,000 feet up. Hit so hard I made a few....colorful metaphors.
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