A while back I replied of rotation order in 3D. This is now playing out in AT. One Post has led to two other Posts. Like many issues brought forth in AT it is definitely being blown out of proportion. What I noted in my reply was having something as a marker and taking advantage of it. This is the main issue of all three Posts in AT. The thing is, a written rule does not exist for the issue.

Of protests lodge, one said to have been withdrawn, it is my opinon the top Pros noted shoot virtually every national event. Right, wrong or indifferent they will sooner or later be grouped together and they will have to contend with if they had did the right thing, rotation or protests.

Still, one should adhere to rotation order of higher level 3D events as it could effect others more than the ones in the group. And this the point of the Posts in AT.

My reply here; http://martinarchery.com/mtechforum/...678#post105678