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i noticed that muddy isnt making the "harvest time" ht arrows anymore
Muddy Outdoors renamed the Harvest Time arrows. First was Harvest Time Archery when Bart first sold HTA to Muddy. Then came Virtues, but Harvest Time Archery in small print. The newest are called Blood Sport. Okay, same company, but Muddy owns entirely.

Beings I have about a dozen HTAs and 2 dozen Virtues, 32 arows all together, I'm in no hurry to buy the Blood Sports.

Some low down; I first had issues with the last of the HTAs. Muddy had bought HTA and had no obligation of warranty, but checked my HTAs for straightness, gave me the results where I trashed a dozen of the two dozen I had. Muddy then offered me a deal and I took it for the noted above 2 dozen arrows.
Both the checked HTA arrows and the newer Virtues are virtually identical for weight and danged pin point accurate.