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Thread: black eagle arrows

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default black eagle arrows

    Quote Originally Posted by dzsmith2 View Post
    i noticed that muddy isnt making the "harvest time" ht arrows anymore
    Muddy Outdoors renamed the Harvest Time arrows. First was Harvest Time Archery when Bart first sold HTA to Muddy. Then came Virtues, but Harvest Time Archery in small print. The newest are called Blood Sport. Okay, same company, but Muddy owns entirely.

    Beings I have about a dozen HTAs and 2 dozen Virtues, 32 arows all together, I'm in no hurry to buy the Blood Sports.

    Some low down; I first had issues with the last of the HTAs. Muddy had bought HTA and had no obligation of warranty, but checked my HTAs for straightness, gave me the results where I trashed a dozen of the two dozen I had. Muddy then offered me a deal and I took it for the noted above 2 dozen arrows.
    Both the checked HTA arrows and the newer Virtues are virtually identical for weight and danged pin point accurate.

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default black eagle arrows

    Quote Originally Posted by Don B View Post
    Black Eagle shafts are made off shore, same as most of the Easton shafts along with most of the other arrow companies out there now.
    My Money is on Deer Crossing Archery arrows and shafts,you can't beat the price.
    Out of 3 dozen of the Target shafts that I checked they all were .002 in straightness and weighed 2 grains of eachother.
    I have some Easton carbons with "Made in America" and I don't think they are that old, couple of years maybe....

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default black eagle arrows

    Quote Originally Posted by dzsmith2 View Post
    black eagle claims to be american, but im not surprised. archery has more american made products than most other stuff, so i prefer to shoot american when its available.
    And some long time favorites are now coming from foreign countries right along with some excellent products that began "over there." Seems somethings are Pre-tested for the American market and those that go over big end up being made "over there" by means of want of the extra buck or two.

    And some of the best brand knives and optics are coming from "over there." Said the optics are getting so good some of the top brands are being matched and surpassed.

    I have my brand and American loyalties, but I'm not bullheaded either. Take my wife's Mexican assembled American Ford truck with Canadian made engine...Please! God, I hate that thing.....Won't get out of it's own way, seat belts mice love eating up (what the H__ are they made from?) and %^^&&**#@ electronic dome light sensors on the doors - $275 to replace or advice from mechanic; spray H___ out of with LPS a dozen times. Electronic speed sensors on the front wheel, hit bump knocked out sensor. $3.00 part (like to passed out from it not costing that much) and $75 labor for ten minutes to install it (like to passed out again).

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    What do you really think of the Ford, Sonny? lol JK now, relax!! Remember your sore hand before you hit anybody!.. lol .... o

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