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Hi Sonny, your hand swelling gone down?
Yes, I have the same DLoop setup, two tied nocking points with the Dloop knots on the outside of the tied nocks. Works beautifully. I ordered some BCY #24 string. The string I'm using now, for some reason, doesn't melt into a good size mushroom.

Hand is doing well. Even shot some today.

BCY #24 is my perferred. Carry it with me and is also that I use for my Limb Driver arrow rests. Should you want something a bit stiffer, try Gibbs. Also, Gibbs comes in different camo colors. Gibbs is sometimes difficult to ball, but can be done with practice.

Someone made a mold for melting ends. Heat with torch good and hot and stick end in the mold. Perhaps a half BB size depression in steel? Little bit of time to heat up, but could be a uniform ball. Make up a few d-loops to have on hand. I have two in the ready should I need.