For the second time, my 2010 Alien X cams blew up...the first time was 2 years ago during synchronization on my draw board, the upper cam cable peg torn away at half draw, at this time I had a new pair of cams under warranty. Meanwhile I sold the bow to a friend and last week during a hunting trip he dryfired due to a broken nock, as a result, the string post and the module of the upper cam are twisted. I seems that hybrix cams are a bit more sensitive than others to dry fire, I've seen pictures on AT of a completely torn away string post after a DF...
Anyway, I have to help him to rebuild the bow but here in France Rytera bows are not that popular and this is quite difficult to find spare parts.
I'm wondering If the new 2013 Alien X nitro3 cams have been improved (a bit more material thickness under string peg) and if they could be adapted on a 2010 Alien even with a customized set of string&cables.
Thanks for your help