Hard to believe that a couple weeks ago we had to close all the windows at night because it'd get so cold. The last few days it's been so hot and so humid that just standing in one spot I'd sweat to death. Been working on the tile around sunrise and by 8:00 am I'm heading for the AC.
Shooting/practicing is a haphazad affair. Shady where I stand and somewhat of a captured breeze between the garage and house it's still bad. I shoot maybe 25 or 30 shots and my sweat soaked t-shirt says it's enough. After cooled down for a hour to two I might launch a few more, but I doubt I shoot 100 arrows all day, close maybe.
Shooter friend and discussed the 3D this Sunday at Bushnell. The Bushnell 3D range is more set in a long roling gulley and as such it's warm when it's cool and drop dead hot when it's warm and H___ when it's hot. So we have decided to hit it way early, like opening time, 7:00 am.