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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Bohning Platinum glue

    Over on AT seems lots of people are having problems with today's Bohning Platinum and some bad mouthin' it pretty hard.

    So I broke down today and I bought a new tube of Bohning Platinum glue. In big is the name Platinum. The older tubes had name smaller. At home so I used my old Martin stand alone jig with helical clamp. Had to adjust and got what looked like a good seat.
    Removed Bohning vanes from arrow. Used Bohning's Stripper to make sure old glue was removed.
    Used Scotch Brite to further clean and scuff.
    Washed/cleaned with hot water and wiped dry with paper towel. Would have used denatured alcohol, but hardware store was closed.
    Used matching vane in far end of clamp to help seat vane being glued.
    Gave 5 to 7 minutes for each vane before turning and removing from jig.
    Went straight to garage and assembled target bow. Set new 20 yard target.
    No warming up, just shooting. First shot high in bull's eye. Next 4 piled in closer to where they ought to be.

    Will use it for every target in the 3D 30 target event tomorrow. Got that much faith in the new done vanes.
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