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Thread: Bushnell 3D - Weather worse than miserable

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Bushnell 3D - Weather worse than miserable

    It was warm, it was drowning humid, it was life sucking, but we made it. I've shot in some bad weather, but right now, I can't think of when. By target 7 we had to stop. I mean it was close, humid, not a drop of air to be had. We chugged to target 14 and took a breather before we shot it. We made to target 20 I thought we had it made. Target 25 put the slowed down back in us. By target 28 we didn't think we had enough left in us to make 2 more targets. At target 30, the last target, the only thing that kept us upright was us leaning on the raised platform. Not 100 yards to the pavillion and it seemed we walked a mile.

    We got to the pavillion, suck life giving air and managed to go another few feet to get some cool-me-down Diet Pepsi, Gator Aid and some blue stuff. We then were able to total up our scores. Best score I've had at Bushnell in two years. 294/300. Unbelievable.

    Right off the bat I shot a 8 on a 20 Rinehart Wolf. I was stunned half to death. We went to target 2 and I drilled a white wolf 35 yards down range. Not believing shooting a dang 8 on a 20 fair size target I walked back to the dang black wolf for another shot and again I shot a 8. $%^&&***(# and more.
    I shot nothing but 10s up to target 18. There was Bushnell's target in a black hole and I shot another 8.
    I went straight again until target 25 and shot a 8 on a quartering away deer, just missing the 10 ring by a 1/4" or so. And then I went straight going out.

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Bushnell 3D - Weather worse than miserable

    Okay, we sat around and rattle trapped while, hour maybe. The drive home, AC wide open, was about 30 minutes tops.
    Home I peeled off my t-shirt and then my blue jeans. Wife went bonkers when she went to wash them. She couldn't believe they were so wet. Figure how humid it is when you have sweat dripping off the bill of you ball hat.

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