I'm here to tell you guys that I finally got my 30# Diablo TD bow that I ordered in February. First thing I had to do was put it together which turned out to be harder than doing a compound. Tolerances on the limbs were so tight that installing them was a chore. I should know better but installed the limbs backwards. Bottom to top is what I mean. Installed a Cavalier Free Flight rest from the junk drawer and eyeballed centershot. Nocking point 1/4" high.

Took it out to shoot the next day without checking too much and in the first 10 shots the string popped off the top limb twice. Slapped my arm pretty good, too. So now I'm checking it out and the top limb was twisting badly. Got a call into Brandon right away, which tuned out to be lunch time Friday. They're closed so I gotta wait till today.

In the meantime I did a thorough inspection. Swapped the limbs top to bottom and checked the brace height----6 1/4". Hmmmm. Supposed to be 7" so I start twisting the string. 30 twists later it measures exactly 7". Lo and behold the limb twist is gone and the string is laying in it's grooves. Added some puffs to dampen the string vibration and pull out some heavier arrows---ACC 3-28, 500 spine weighing 330 gr. They shot like crap but did group. Guess what? No arm slap and no limb twist. Seems I learn something new all the time. Just on a whim I yanked some old aluminum 2114 arrows out to give them a try. Only have 4 and they are of the glue-on nock variety so that tells you how old they are. Arrow flight greatly improved. I'm so used to compounds that the arch is like comparing a football to s golf ball. WOW, but I was shooting some decent groups out to 25 yards.

I've still got some experimenting to do. Going to try my GT 22 series carbons or other arrows and need to paper and/or bare shaft tune. Need to work on form, too. It's been 38 years or so since I shot a recurve and fingers. Now to wait for that call back from Brandon so I can tell him the problem was all mine---dumb.

Also, I haven't forgotten the rules. Pictures to be added as soon as I clear off all the other crap on my camera.