Having come from the Dacron/Stone age, I'd commented on here how wonderful I thought Martin's 'Hammerhead' strings were; well, they are in comparison to the Dacron Age, I guess. They seemed so stable, I decided a while back to go with a tubeless peep; a peep with NO tube to line it up!? Can't work. Well, the peep is great! But, the string - with probably a thousand shots on it total, three hundred with new peep - has now let the peep turn almost a full half turn. The string loop pulls it about perfectly, though, and, yes, I'll turn the peep around when I get around to it. But, a full strand has broke at the slide and the string is fuzzing at the strangest places; the center serving looks to be shooting loose but not at the nocking point; couple inches below that. 'Fuzzing'; between the peep, through the center serving and to where the STS serving starts, and a couple, three inches up each half of where the cable Y's. The most understandable, and most worrisome, is that the cable slide has evidently worn a strand of the string into. I assume the string can get in a lot worse shape before it's any real worry - the rest all looks brand new - but just reporting on a bit of disappointment.

G5 Meta peep, 1/4 and all what I've read of having a circle within a circle - centering the round sight guard within the peep - works! Kewl, something else new. I don't know why I didn't buy a Fletcher peep; either better in your opinions, cause I need another one? I loved my old Fletcher Hunter rope release, three finger type release, wish I could still use it, so got Fletch Hook upon restarting this hobby. Like it too!

Guess I'd better get a new string set, just to be on the safe side. Can anyone recommend a decent string builder that won't break the bank? {:>)