I am hoping that someone might be able to help me. I recently won a Martin Firecat Pro Series 4400 on ebay. It's old, but in excellent condition and looks as if it just needs a string change after not being fired for some time. However, when I took it to our local archery store, they didn't seem too willing to touch it and I couldn't get much info off of them as to what to do to get myself off and shooting safely- as I would really like someone to have a professional look at it before I loose my first arrow.

Ideally I would like to bring the draw length down a little, or if I need to, completely change the modules- if they are still available as I am aware it is quite an old bow. I have no info as to what the draw length or poundage is of the bow as the sticker on the limb has worn away, but I am guessing it's around 45lb as I can just about pull it to full draw, which is around 28" if I pull to my cheek (like I do for recurve).

I am fairly new to archery and have been shooting a recurve, barebow style, - so I have no idea how a compound should be set up - which was why I was hoping our local shop might have been able to help. I am a female archer and I currently shoot 34lb at 28" if that's of any help. I live in Yorkshire in the UK and would love to know if anyone could recommend people/shops they might know where I could get this lovely bow set up for me, as I don't mind spending a bit of money (within reason) on it, and getting it back to its former glory. If the work is possible to do myself, to change the draw length and poundage accordingly, then I am willing to give it a shot as my partner shoots a compound and with the right knowledge would probably be able to help me.

Any advice or help would be most appreciated. If I have failed to include any important info, please let me know and I'll let you know if I can! It's difficult working out what I need to ask, but all I really want to do is find out if my bow can be set up for me to shoot with, and most importantly if it's safe to do so, due to its age. I have included some photos of the cams, limbs etc below.

Many thanks in advance,
I look forward to reading your replies.

Zoe x


Close up Cams2.jpg