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    Sonny Thomas

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    Of bow strings. Over the past 13 years that I know of weíve come a long ways to the quality strings we have today. I began with a Pearson compound, steel cables and regular bow string. Well, not regular as of now. Very little if any twist was given the bow string. My first bow string didnít last very long and a new one was built by a local string maker. It was on the bow when I sold it a year later.

    After the Pearson I bought a brand new 1999 Golden Eagle Evolution. I shot it and I shot until one day my bow arm began taking a beating. Lord! To the bow shop I went. The mechanic shorten the draw with the then ĹĒ less draw posts. I shot it and it stretched. I had the same local string maker make a set strings for it. While waiting for the strings I had the Evolution hanging on the wall. I was doing something and this sceeeetch, whirl came. Looked around and saw a flickering of light on the wall. Looked to my bow and there was the top wheel spinning, the limbs flat straight and the bow string hanging in two pieces. The new built string was on the bow a year later when I sold it to the next door neighbor.

    Hooked on 3D I wanted a new bow, something faster than the Golden Eagle. The best I could get out of the Golden Eagle was 255 fps. My heart was set on a Hoyt UltraTec, but said a wait period of 6 to 8 weeks (Yeah, right). So the magnesium brother of the UltraTec, the MagnaTec, was the closest thing to what I wanted until the UltraTec arrived. I bought it. This is in early 2000. I shot the MagnaTec everyday and every 3D I could get to. It was faster than the Golden Eagle and by some 15 fps, 270 fps. I placed and won a bunch with the MagnaTec and before the UltraTec arrived almost at the end of 2000 I had to have new strings put on the MagnaTec. The same string maker made a new set, but they didnít hold up any better than the factory strings. But then regulated to deer hunting, not shot all that much, the strings did last longer. It would be years later I had a set built by M&R Bow strings that I had a set of strings that were way superior.

    My 2000 UltraTec made it through the 2000 3D year and almost through the local indoor league session. And a new set string were needed. So again, the local string maker was called. Again, the strings didnít last much better than the factory strings.

    Enter 2003 or 2004. Hoyt comes out with FUSE strings. Well, they werenít called FUSE to start. I got a set to try and I believe Hoyt sold them to me (through my dealer) for something of $25.00, complete set of strings, not just a bow string. The new strings proved the best ever. In fact, my now retired UltraTec still has these same strings on it. And it was with these yet name FUSE strings the UltraTec jumped in speed. It normally checked a 282 to 284 fps. With the new strings it jumped to 295 fps and has held there ever since.
    I get the UltraTec out ever so often. The last was maybe 3 years ago at a Darchery (301) shoot at the shop. 7 shots were that were needed to get the 301 for the win.

    I went through a lot of bows from 2000 to 2006 and all Hoyts (11 all together), except for a 2005 Bowtech Old Glory. All the strings lasted at least a year of hard shooting, except the Bowtech. Less than 6 months of shooting the BowTec needed new strings and I think then Bowtech went with Winnerís Choice. New strings put on, I sold the Old Glory without shooting it.

    Strings, better materials, were on their way to giving longer life. I shoot something of 15,000 shots per year and have yet to have set of string outright fail. And I could care less of garanteed peep alignment. No two bows seem a like and peep alignment troubles all somewhere along the line. But we have information floating all over the place now and peep alignment is easily corrected. My peeps don't have to be straight with bow at rest. As long as the peep aligns at full draw I'm happy....

    2008. Martin strings. Said was so-so strings were on the Gold Series and more quality strings on the Pro Series. This might be true, but the Gold Series strings had quality above beyond years past. What 2008 Martins I set up and worked on took a bit of tweaking to make all come together. A few hundred shots and a bit of twisting the bow string to get the peep to behave, but after that they lasted and lasted. I know of two 2008 Bengals with original strings still on them. No, I donít approve, but they are still being shot. One 2008 FireCat still has original strings on it. It proved easier to tame for peep alignment. A 2008 Slayer still has original strings and doing well, but the owner said they were due to be change. Iíd think so.

    And of the years in between and now. Iíve used several brands of strings, both custom and factory. All seem to hold up well. To name a few; Winnerís Choice, Excellerator, M&R Bow Strings, Dakota (Stone Mountain), Vapor Trail, Martinís Hammerhead and Pearsonís custom built strings by Proline. If I were to say the best I have to give the nod to Vapor Trail. I have a set that has been on two Martin Shadowcats ranging from the summer of 2010 to February of 2012. Some 40,000 plus shots and they still look great. So great do they look that I kept them just in case. I put on the Hammerhead strings when I had to send the 2010 back to the factory. Good thing, because the Shadowcat was replaced by a 2012 Scepter V.

    Of Martinís Hammerhead strings. I had traded my 2006 Hoyt ProElite (not a fast bow) to a Martin Staff shooter for his 2011 Shadowcat he didnít like. I thought it was a good tradeÖEven up. And he had only shot it twice in competition. I believe he got the Shadowcat right before the 2011 Illinois ASA State Championship. It was here he asked me how to go about setting the timing. Not month later I had the Shadowcat. New factory strings, yep, Iíll shoot them. And I did. One, the servings came loose. The serving for the string stop went almost immediately. No big problem. Corrected about as fast as removing the loose serving. And then one cable of the two tone strings was not even, the green longer than the black. So I asked Roger of M&R Bow strings. ďThey should be okay, eventually evening up.Ē Yes, they did and right when I didnít need it. In a 3D contest I shot good up to about target 16 and arrow went crashing through the ďtulips.Ē I was given a test shot and again my arrow went crashing. What happened was the bottom serving had separated and on the same uneven cable. I was out of the 3D. At the shop I removed the serving of both cables and stretched the cables. The uneven cable evened out completely. Both were reserved with different serving material. All put back on the Shadowcat I lost about 5 fps, the different material robbing velocity, Still, 285 down to 280 fps was no big deal. The bow shoots greatÖ
    The main thing is, the Hammerhead strings are still on the bow and still have lots of shots left in them.
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