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    Default How can this guy talk so much when he has nothing to say !?

    You've all hit on, or at least around, the basic theme of the other thread I started; us 'commoners' have no conception of all the intricacies involved in bow strings, let alone the rest of the rig. The 'commoner' - let's use 'hobbyist' - buys a golf club, he/she expects to have to tweak himself, just as in archery, but doesn't expect to, nor is capable of 'tweaking' the club. Bet those deep into the sport can and do. We hobbyist expect equipment we buy to work out of the box, including the strings; we expect the Cam and bearings to be 'right'. Oh sure, we have to learn the basics of tuning and such, but to know all Sonny and you others know about the finer points and how to work them, is just beyond us. It's a hobby, and few take their hobby to the depth you all do; we just can't, work and family, time constraints. Sure, any can and many, I'm sure, do reserve their own strings; I even reserved the end of a cable, but to diagnose and be able to cure something like Sonny talked about in the starting post; uneven cable ends, re stretching them and all, that just takes expertise beyond what the typical 'hobbyist' has or aspires to have. Take it to a bow shop, IF you have one handy; the hobbyist would look at the strings that just 'blew up' on him, consider the cost of having a set of strings he'd still be worried about re-done, and he'd buy a new set. The set Sonny re-built that 'still have lots of shots left in them'; they'd be gone and Hutch'd be smiling. lol Same with cams and other components; not only is diagnosing a problem beyond us, the cure certainly is. Now, know this; a 'hobbyist' can have a good basic understanding of his equipment; enough to keep it running right IF it's built right to start with, he can be a whale of a shot and have a PHD in deer behavior, he can have freezers full of game he's expertly butchered, cut and wrapped himself. Ol' Hobbyist can be more expert in other aspects of the sport. He may enjoy other aspects as well as you all enjoy the technical aspects. You'll 'learn' what you enjoy. Anyway, as capable as I am to diagnose the weird wear in my Cougar's strings and the cut thread in the cable is that it may have to do with a short bow and longish draw length. That's as far as my string expertise goes.

    As an afterthought; "At the shop I removed the serving of both cables and stretched the cables. The uneven cable evened out completely. Both were reserved with different serving material. All put back on the Shadowcat I lost about 5 fps, the different material robbing velocity, Still, 285 down to 280 fps was no big deal. The bow shoots great…"

    Are you sure those are Hammerhead strings or are they, perhaps, Sonny strings that have held up so well? Sounds like all you used was the original cable material, the building back correctly from there on up was all Sonny.

    Interesting, to me anyway, thread, btw; the old and new mix, I always find interesting. I have more time nowadays to delve deeper into my hobby, I just don't know if I have the capacity to learn much of what you all have to teach! lol..... o

    Just came to me that title might be taken wrong; I'm jokingly referring to me; the rambler on'er!
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