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    Default anchor point and draw length

    (i posted this over at AT earlier and got a few responses. wondering what you all thought)

    hello, question concerning my current anchor point. shooting a 2012 martin silencer (70#, 29", trophy ridge revolution, g5 sight) and am considering changing releases to get the string up back in the desired mouth/nose area. I've been using this cobra release forever and have had good success shooting this way, but good can always be better, soooo. I like where my hand fits against my jaw and don't really want to move that but was wondering if I went to a shorter release if I would go to a 30" draw and get the string to where I had 2 points of contact and perhaps increase consistency. any opinions would be great. thanks

    (decided to work on my release since it's old and needs updating anyway. the following is copied from AT post as well)

    ok. finished modifying my release. I took about 2" out of it (it was adjustable but would only go longer if you can believe that!). tell me if this looks better. I just shot the one arrow but it was a bullseye so I don't think i'll have to adjust a whole lot. i'll probably get a new release (it no longer swivels after my customization) but I think it will give me a good idea of how long to get. this one will go in the hunting pack as a backup (to the backup).

    so what do you all think?
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