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    Aug. 4, 2013 - Pekin Archers 3D. Whatever it was, us shaking a few trees maybe, but 90 shooters, I believe, was mentioned and maybe more. Excellent turn out consider the Classic and two other clubs in the area having 3Ds.

    Practiced kind of hard yesterday and perhaps figured them dang 12s hiding in the wrong spot...

    My luck improved...sort of. Like Don, me gots to get better... Instead of stuck in 2nd place it looks like I knocked over a 3rd place. Yes, 3rd and I shot good, best score at Pekin this year. I shot with Art Stafford who just got back to shooting after some back and arm issues and his daughter, Jaden. Art and I started out good with a pair of 12s, which quickly gave us a even up after the next target. I dropped three 8s on the first 15 and picked up three 12s that had me even up. Art and Jaden were having some "getting back into it" issues, but kept pluggng along.

    At the half point, the one I went "chewing on" for him saying he was quiting joined us. He had shot through earlier. Me and DH got wound up like pet coons turned loose in the house. We cut up good. Art and Jaden just thought it was great, us to rattling each others cages and "lying" about yardages and whether whose arrow "looked" better in the target. We even got Art sling some good fun talk. Yep, there wasn't a target called the right distance no matter what. 25 yard target had to 43 yards. Art up says it 18 yards and maybe a couple inches. And of all things his daughter, Jaden, called us liars

    We plowed along and finished out. I dropped 3 more 8s, but picked up 4 12s. The 30th target was a optional affair; steel target for 30 points, if you got the hole and 10 if you trashed your arrow. The optional target was a javalina, which we all went for. 30 points might be nice, but a miss and a trashed $17 or $18 dollar doesn't set well. Besides 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals are $4.00 a pop.

    Yep, shot my best score, 2 up, for a 302. And then there was this Semi Pro who elected to shoot Pekin instead of the ASA Classic and this other person of high caliber. The two each shot a 322 and tied for 1st place. So as I was leaving one of the club members was pretty sure I had 3rd place sewed up.

    Really, for what we shoot, I can't complain. Only one other person was older than me shooting against the "pups." He's 65. So, me, kinda laid back, shy, and bashful says to Semi Pro; Feel pround of yourself, beatin' up on us old people?" Yeah, he knows I was kiddin'.

    I did try to get DH spot me 20 points. He wouldn't do it. Later, when we totaled up I asked again and he snaps; "You got me by 30 points! You don't need spotted 20 points!" Of course everybody is listening and I calmly return; "Yeah, but it sounds better if I beat you by 50 points."
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