It was an awesome weekend, the temp was in the low to mid 80's.
The turn out was great, just over 420 regesterd shooters for the weekend.
The shoot was 1 arrow 60 unmarked targets, 40 on Sat. and 20 on Sun. They had a Team Corn Hole contest on Sat. night along with a raffle for a hunt and a new bow.

Friday when I got home from the range I put togeather a golf caddy to haul my gear on, it was sooooo nice not wearing my heave quiver all day.

Sunday there were 3 reentry shoots set up, a William Tell shoot, running pig, swinging target and a balloon shoot.
After all the reentry and class tie shootoffs they held the main raffle were they gave away another hunt, 2 bows, 3-22 rifles and a ton of other stuff.
During the raffle they would stop and give awards to the different classes.

I ended up in 2nd. about 37 points behind a Barebow shooter. He shot the course clean and I had two blanks on Sat. and another two on Sun.

I already can't wait till next
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