Hello, new member here. I just recently have gotten into archery, and long story short I traded some man cave stuff for a Martin Take down bow, I have no ideal what the name of the bow is and it is missing a arrow rest and who knows what else. For the moment I've just been shooting the arrows off the shelf with it.

It's a left handed take down bow which rules out the Jaguar from what I understand. It has a camo aluminum grip section with all sorts of holes some threaded some not, The limbs are black and say Martin, the only other writing on the limbs I can find is white letters that say at 28" #50 so I assume this is at 28 inch draw the weight is 50lbs? The guy included a manual with it but it's for the Jaguar so that has me really confused as everything I've read everybody says a left handed Jaguar was never made I asked the guy the name of the bow and said he thought it was a Tracer, but I can find nothing listed on the Martin website about a Tracer.

I can take some pictures and post them up if that would help, main reason for wanting to know about this bow is I'm looking for a sight rest that will fit it, mainly the stinger rest w/ mount it says it'll fit any martin bow so I assume this one would work? Also was curious if fast flight strings would be ok to use with it? Oh and any ideal where the length might listed on it? The string that came with it was a 14 strand 60" dacron so I'm guess it's the right string since I've shot it and it appears to be ok.

Any ideals what I've got here and what parts will work with it?