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Thread: Martin Silencer limb blew up today

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighter42 View Post
    thanks for the heads up. i'll look into that. are they superior in performance (possible speed gain, tuning ease, etc) or mostly just more durable and dependable?

    another thing about the dealer I took it to is that even though they are the only martin dealer close by, they only sell martin longbows, not compounds. that said I think they are capable techs and should have me up and running quickly. if i'm not mistaken, the timing shouldn't be complicated to set up with the nitro cams. as long as they don't take any twists out it should just be a remove and replace procedure, right?
    I found that Barnsdale limbs are more durable and dependable for sure. On speed I was shooting my Fire Cat @ 29" draw and a 420g arrow at 284/283fps W/ trophy string and cables. Now with Barnsdale Limbs and 8190 String and 452X cables it at 288/289fps on my chrono. Nothing on the string and rest is a drop away. I would say it's string and limbs that add around 4fps. It's also set at about 68lbs right now. I can get 1or2fps if I tight the limb bolts down all the way. I like to back my limb bolts out about a turn or 1/2. on my set-ups. Also I'm shooting at 7300 feet.
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