Our archery deer season opened Saturday. Never seen anything but other hunters opening day. Sunday was a different story, was hunting a new area in the hills we've never been before. I pulled over in a wide spot to check the map & see if we were where I thought we should be. While I'm looking at the map the wife is glassing the hillside. A few minutes later she says "I think I see four legs behind that tree" We spend three or four minutes trying to get on the same page (woman directions/descriptions need deciphered) Then she says " Marty, it's lookin right at me, holy s___ it's big, and I think it's a boy, but there's something wrong with his horns, their brown. (she didn't know they are in velvet) Just about then I finally figured out where she was looking, just in time to see a brown blob turn and head up the hill.
We take off in the truck to get above him a few corners & I head up the hill to where I figure he will be heading. Takes me about 20 minutes to get there. I catch my breath at the top and the wind changes, I hear limbs snap down & to my right. I took one step and drew the bow at the same time. This is the first time I've got to see what was behind the tree. Looking straight at me 60 yards away is a monster 4x5, it only lasted 2 or 3 seconds then it was horns and tail bouncing away. Last time I seen him he was 125 yards and still going. Needless to say, the wife & I are working on her hunting lingo and terms!!