Well Fellas,
I guess that's it, then. Martin, as we have always known it is essentially not going to exist any longer, except possibly as a name under which a buyer can manufacture. Gone is the innovation that created the many patents and the Martin "feel", for want of a better term. Yes, it's a sad day, but it's something that we Americans have had to become familiar with as corporations abandon their presence in the market-place. Although he had to know it, I'm just glad that Mr. Martin Sr. (Gail) isn't going to have to see his life's work chopped up and pieced out. Guess, too, that we'll have to canabalize the Martin bows that we have to keep 'em running.....for a while. By the way, Mr. Fisher, I don't know what "other" name to call you by.....I don't think that you sign by any other way than BFisher. So, it wasn't a remark....just addressing you and thanking you for the research. And Sonny, I'll use that name going forward......thank you for your input, as always.