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Wow, this is a sad day and I can't believe these things keep following me. My 2012 Bengal was the first new bow since my 1997 Golden Eagle Litespeed. If I'm correct that company was also out of business a few short years after. I'm not having great luck.
Andy, I can tell you a short version of what happened to Golden Eagle as I was shooter for them at the time and I was shooting a Litespeed, too; 1998 model. Sweet bow if ever there was one.

1997 was my first year with GE. In 1999 GE got bought out by Bear/Jennings to form the North American Archery Group. That voided my contract as shooter for them so I moved on. They continued to make GE bows for a few years, incorporating Bear Limbs and other parts. If I remember right the GE line was discontinued in 2004 and I think Jennings went off the charts, too, at the same time or shortly thereafter. Although GE bows were not top-o-the-line they were always a good, inexpensive bread-n-butter hunting bow.