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    Quote Originally Posted by TEN RING View Post
    yep you got target panic there are different kinds your is called freezing you should try lowering your draw weight for starters another thing you can try coming down on the target and stopping on the bull

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    Quote Originally Posted by typically8 View Post
    Thanks for the tips. I was shooting in the yard at 37 yards. Did the quick on target and release, not over thinking, just relaxing. It was better, 4-5 inch groups. I am convinced it is a mental thing. I had a wild arrow end up in the neighbors yard a month ago. I was less then happy with my neighbors drunken screaming and cussing. I relocated my target and built a huge 8'x8' back stop with double 1/2'' plywood and foam 3/4'' in between. But ever since then it is hard to tune the whole thing out. Any way, I hope to get back out to my friends round bales soon. None of my hunting shots are over 30 yards, but, it would be cool to say I can hit a paper plate at 60 yards. I am not going to do it over night, just a goal. Thanks for all the tips and ideas. Y'all are the best.
    Sounds like you need a one-on-one with a knowledgeable archer.

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    OK, Sonny got me thinking. There are no clubs around here so I went back and did some re-reading of a Larry Wise book. I went over my form, found some flaws and then I started re-tuning my bow. I had a horrible paper tear. I realized that when I changed my draw stop and module setting, I did not make the adjustments on the nocking point. So, there you go. I am hitting better groups. Still a little panic though.
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    Another good book to read is "Idiot Proof Archery" by Coach Bernie Pellerite. It has a ton of good info and a section on tp...
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