I thought I'd share some pics of the hat I ordered from Day One Camouflage in Englewood Colorado. They call it the CRUSHER Hat. You can order it in different patterns and materials. I went with an XL Hat in All Season All Terrain (ASAT) in Light Fleece. Being that Id had cancer issues in the past, I wanted extra protection for the neck and ears. I don't need any more skin cancer. So for a little extra cash, they added a Sun curtain in the back to protect my neck.

It's still early but the stitching, workmanship, and materials are top notch. I ordered it Wednesday Morning, received the shipping notice on Thursday and it was in my Mailbox this Saturday Morning. The Hat is made 100% in the U.S.A. They state " Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back". I'm gonna even use this for fishing. I chose the lightweight breathable Fleece. They offer Fleece,Lightweight Fleece, Bucksuade, and wool. Depending on the pattern you choose. It also can be turned inside out for a more visible Hunter Orange.