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Thread: Winding down

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    Default Winding down

    Sure is sad to see that Martin is selling/closing down, and it looks like this board is slowly following suit, fewer and fewer posts every day it seems. Sad times indeed. The good thing is all of the friends I've met here on this board, and that I know the other boards where those folks "hang" out. If I don't get the chance to tell you "So long", its been nice typing with you all.
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    Likewise from me. I'm on a couple other forums but this has been my favorite due to the friendliness of the members. You can always find me on AT under the same user name. Of course, as an admin I'll still be active here as long as the site is active. There are still people who are registering and since Joel is gone it looks like I'm the only administrator keeping up with things. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. LOL.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Winding down

    Don't forget AT's Brand Specific.....Martin bows....

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    You guy are going to freken make me cry. X2 what Bfish said, lots of good on this forum, some really smart guys when it come to the finer points of archey. I will really miss when Hucth get busted on (LOL). You got to love pink,,,. Any who,, I hope Hutch get a site up and running so we can all start over. Thank you all,,,, I really mean it,,, your all the best.

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    This has been the best place to hang out.
    I love to post pics of the shoots I go to here, everyone always says way to go and congrats, even if I did suck...LOL.
    Good friendly people, never any bashing and a ton of good info and help.
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    Well I hate to think that this site is going to close, as it's been my cyber home for a few years now. Compared to other forums I've frequented, this has by far been my most visited, highest recommended and most enjoyed. All that thanks to you fine people out there in cyberspace that share my sentiments here. Thank you, I've learned a lot from all of you and enjoyed the time emmensly. Hopefully this site will hang on a bit yet...
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    Seem like to Mood is not there.

    I feel the forum is quiet, and no one is posting anything new....

    Cheers up....... Miracle always happen ......

    we never know what going to happen.

    Martin might come back, Big, Better,Faster, Stronger.
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    Yep it's sad. If this forum goes down, I guess one common meeting place might be something like Google Groups or Yahoo. Perhaps a free blog at Wordpress or Tumblr.


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    Yep, I'd say its only a matter of time now. I would also like to say thank you to all of you out there. This site has been a wealth of knowledge and friendship and I'm thankful for that. I know several of you are on the Hunt Buds site and I would encourage the rest of you to join also.
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    I am going to miss this old stomping grounds!
    But I won't say good bye to you guys!
    I am on facebook and my email is, website and if you want to another stomping ground tell them Hutch sent ya!!!


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