Thanks for the help and camaraderie of all here. I won't try and name everybody because I'd, no doubt, leave out some. While the twin demise of a company and these forums seems inevitable, a couple thoughts strike me as comforting;

No big deal, but since getting my Martin bow, I became intrigued with Gail Martin's 'story' a bit; studied up on him on line and came to admire the man as an innovator and an American entrepreneur. Companies come and go; that's just the way it goes, but I think Gail Martin now has an eternity to be proud of his accomplishments and the company he built, and it was still viable when he left. I don't see that all as a bad outcome. I also rather think Mr. Martin's integrity, and the integrity of his company for so many years, probably has had some influence on the decency and integrity of those on these forums; a small group but good hearted people; loyal to his products, eager to help others and quick to smile. For all that, I thank Gail Martin and all of you.... o