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    Hi all came home with a nice new 07 Bengal it came with peep,3pin sight,4 arrow quiver,whisker biscuit rest, all for a grand total of $360.00 have not shot it yet but can,t wait.I am curious can you get the draw stops for the07 M-Pro cam like 08 has.Can someone tell which draw module this is the number is F-3.I am curious which is better to have 80% or 65% let off.
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    I prefer 65% due to the smoothness. Less of a drop to rollover into. It also means a higher holding weight. Hunters prefer more letoff because they can hold for a longer time when waiting for the perfect moment to shoot.

    For target shooters, 65% means that your bow has less of a difference in energy to accelerate through, making it smoother on the draw and the shot. and they are usually shooting 50-60lb bows, so fatigue is not an issue, they can shoot all day long.

    Fro 3-D shooters 65% means more speed. This is due to the energy being harnessed more by the limbs than the cams.

    You have 80% now. if you had 65%, it would be designated F-3/, the "/" being the difference.

    Not sure on the draw stops. Someone else should know.

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    You would have to replace the CAM with an 08 Mpro.

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    some of the later07 bengal's have the 08 cam.. is your cam black?? if it is the black one you can get the draw stop for it.

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