Good Morning Guys,
All of this talk about the changes taking place at Martin has me thinking about a recent repair on one of my own Martin bows....a 2010 Martin Warthog. Shortly after purchasing this bow, one of the limbs "let go", and replacements were sent to the local Authorized Dealerships for repair. The problem is this, old limbs were designated 4H and were 1 9/16" wide near the pivot point. The replacement limbs were designated 5L and measured 1 1/2 near the pivot point. I've gotten conflicting information from Martin concerning the specs on these limbs, but am hoping that some/one of you can sort this out for me. Would anyone know the poundage on these limbs, or even how they compare on the Warthog? The first limbs that came on the bow were supposed to have been 70 lb. limbs.....the replacement limbs, depending on who you listen to, are supposed to be either 72 lb. limbs or 65 lb. limbs. I know, I's only 7 lbs., but if even if the factory doesn't know what they are, I could have either 80 lb. limbs or 45 lb. limbs.......confusion is never a good thing.
As always, my sincere "thank you" for any and all help.....I owe some of you a lunch....and if our paths ever cross, consider it a deal. (Berry/Sonny....maybe this is one that you are familiar with?)