How zit everybody,
I'm helping my buddy set up his 2011 Pantera, which he basically shot for only a month when bought new in 2011, and noticed that the flecthing on his arrows are making contact with cables. We can't get any of the three rest that I tried installing without the forks hitting the riser. He has both the TRG w/ SOS system and a new set of standard cable rod w/ slide set up. I tried both set ups and even used a center shot tool and it looks like the string is far to the riser side by 5/16". Checked for cam lean, none. But after running a straight edge along the riser, it looks like it flexes to the left by about a 1/4". He got this from a dealer here on Maui who no longer lives here and doesn't recall ever getting the receipt for the bow other than the deposit slip. What can I do to help my Buddy.

BTW, there is a slight separation, about 1/32 and a small bubble in the metal where the top half of the bow meets the sight window. Is this bow a modular design or cut from a single piece? Will load pics.