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Thread: Finding my anchorage points

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    Default Finding my anchorage points

    I measure out to be a 25" draw length. I set my Bengal Pro to the -20 post and the #1 position on the cam module. This should set my DL to 25#. However, when I come to full draw, you can see I appear to still be a little long, really leaving me with only one anchor (knuckle of index finger tucked behind ear. The DL seems too long for a kisser button and there's no way I can use the tip of my nose as a second anchor. I adjusted the left-off to shorten it up a little, but to get it short enough for a second anchor, I lose all let-off and I'm holding all the weight. We put on a kisser just to try as a second anchor, but you'll see in the picture, it's way off. Any thoughts?
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    I've seen quite a few at my local archery club anchor under their jaw. You seem to be in the correct range for that anchor to work for you. Although their release mechanism is different, it's a handle type device not attached to the wrist. Makes their hand the proper shape to fit right under the jawbone. Seems to work well for them.

    Short of that....ever thought of shooting without a release?

    Good luck!
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