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I see a target bow in the future for me, I'll wait until the 2014 Martin line up comes out before I make a decision. There are many different companies to choose from but I'll wait to see what Martin has what offer. There are many 3D shoots in my area I think I'll check them out, to satisfy my curiosity. Again thanks for the words Bfisher!
I'm looking for a new target bow also. I've heard good things about the Scepter V but unfortunately no pro shops around me that carry Martin. I personally wish they (And all bow manufacturers) would sell ALL model bows via internet as well as retailers/pro shop. This whole you can buy this one but not that one because its been dubbed a Gold Series thing seems sort of hokey to me. I believe Bowtech allows the purchase of bows online if there are no proshops carrying the brand within a certain distance from your residence. I guess I'll have to find a used one if I decide to go that route unless the new management changes the rules a bit.