Now that the forum is back up I can post my pics and little story. Last day in September general archery season.

I held off on taking a doe the first day. I missed on a 3-x4 on another day beautiful buck. We had 15-20 minutes left and a couple does popped out below me at 50 yards. No wind and they had no clue we where there behind the elk Mountain slip system. I knew right when the arrow left that it was on target. Because of the steep angle I was able to take out lung and heart. She dropped and rolled several times down the hill.
My son Gabriel had another chance on a doe just a few minutes earlier at 25 yards but she took off when he drew back. He can't shoot longer distances yet. He was upset but I told him that it happens to all of use. My son did most of the processing with guidance from my neighbor and I. He did a great job!.