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Thread: Same Cam But Different

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    Sonny Thomas


    1) Wear, yes, but how many shots? Wear like shown may be this way for the life of the strings and never hurt a thing.
    2) How old? The strings themselves look good. The ones on my Shadowcat were original, just reserved, and were on the bow when I sold it - 15,000 shots or so. ??? A solid 12 months of shooting.
    3) Hutch noted reserving. DIY or having it reserved is far cheaper than a new set strings or at least should be. Halo is the way to go. I switched serving material and lost about 3 fps.
    4) Nice loops ends! My Hammerheads looked like crap compared to yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plainsman View Post
    OK one process at a time. Polished this area out this morning with 320 and then to 1200 and we will see what happens. Did notice a slight edge on the groove that I took off as you can see in the photo. Need a little more QA and QC at the machining shop.

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    Looks good. This should take care of it. Now rub some wax into the serving at the spot where it's frayed. Then just go and shoot. Check it once in a while to see if it gets worse. My guess is that you'll be good. Hutch brought up an idea that I often think of but forget at times. That would be serving diameter. Smaller serving would fit the groove better so when the time comes you might consider having smaller serving installed. I know I've used .014" on a few of my bows in the past.
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    Will keep y'all posted on this fix. Likewise I think this may do the trick. And to answer Sonny's question just a couple hundred rounds.
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