I picked up an old 1997 Firecat XRG with the carbon flex limbs. 55-70lb draw, and the setup is 30". Anyway, it was brand new in the box and I picked it up from a guy for almost nothing. I knew that I wasn't really going to do much with it, but I couldn't pass it up. It still had the original strings/cables on it, so those needed replacing. I went ahead and did that. I found the specs online for the lengths, and verified with the techs at Martin. 65" string, 45" cables. That's also what came off of it. (On the bow the string length was specified, but not the cable lengths.)

It has the z-cam cams that say "Z-CAM +" on them. The modules are "x" type modules, and supposedly there are a lot of model Martin bows that take these. I'm looking for some in the classifieds, but here is my question. I have two other bows, (a PSE and another Martin) both set to 30" draw, and they draw to almost the same exact place on my draw board. The Firecat with the 5x module (30" module) draws about an inch over. Is it common for them to be off that much? I've read that certain manufacturers draw lengths vary somewhat, but usually not that much. Is there anything else I might have done wrong? Everything looks good to me. I set the timing and corrected any cam lean on the draw board. Strings/cables as far as I can tell are routed properly. I took a lot of photos and all that before I broke the bow completely down. (I wanted to re-lube the limb bolts and such.)