Background info:

I wore down my string and needed a replacement. I had a local shop put on a Zebra string. During the process, the shop technician noticed my bow was out of specification to begin with at 29.5" ATA. He explained that he could get it to spec (30"). He untwisted the new string as much as he said he could, and the bow is now at 29.75" ATA (still not spec).

With the new changes to my bow I noticed my draw length seemed too long, so I went to swap from the F3 mod to the F2. However, I was missing the 2. I proceeded to order an F2 cam mod, but what I received from Martin does not look like the other mods that originally came with my bow (in terms of shape, in addition to being aluminum). It may be a Fuzion cam mod? Also, it has it says "F2 /" on it-there is a backslash engraved on it. Does this mean 26.5" draw length?

My question is: based on this information did I receive the correct cam mod for my 2010 martin cheetah??? Is it a fuzion? The replacement mod draw cycle seems a bit different from original plastic mods.