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Thread: First buck with my new Cougar FC

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    Default First buck with my new Cougar FC

    The first buck with my new Martin Cougar FC has a somewhat odd twist to the story.

    After my purchase of my new bow and I set it up, I was so impressed with it that I had to brag about it to my hunting buddy and my brother that I bow hunt with. They both went out and bought one! Mine is in black carbon weave, Tim's is in Vistacamo, and my brother's is Bonzcamo. We are all very impressed with the bows, so easy to set up and work on. Very accurate and consistent shooting. We were all splitting arrows in no time!

    We all headed out to the public lands that we hunt on opening morning with high hopes of filling tags. In Wisconsin we are allowed multiple does and 1 buck with the bow. In our preseason scouting we had not seen a lot of deer sign, but from previous seasons we all knew where the deer normally are. Needless to say, first morning hunt none of us saw a deer. That evening, the same. We blamed it on the warm weather of course, I had seen a coyote the first evening, but could not get a shot at it. The second day dawned warm and sunny again and the day again was quiet, except for the distant gun blasts of goose hunters.

    Monday morning my brother being a teacher had to work and my buddy, Tim owns his own business, so while they were hard at work, I was hard at hunting. I always take off work the first week of bow hunting. I sat in an area that was very easy to access and was only sitting in a tree about 100 yards from my van. I watched as some deer passed through the woods early in the morning too far for a shot and in the brush, but it got my hopes up. That evening I sat in the same place hoping they would come back through on their way to their feeding. I had seen them head to the south into a swampy area with a creek going through it and from past seasons knew they bedded in the willows along the creek during the day. They did not come through during day light, so I planned to sit again the next morning in the same spot. They do not always take the same path through the area and hoped they would come past me on Tuesday morning. One of the deer had a nice rack that I could easily see.

    Tuesday morning found me in my stand an hour before first light, waiting. As the sun started to peer over the trees I was thinking the deer weren't going to come. Then I heard a crack of a stick and what sounded like a deer coming through the pines to my north. I was facing west, so I grabbed my bow, stood and turned north just as a large doe appeared in an opening. She stood there looking around and I came to full draw just as a buck steeped into view. The buck stood in the brush, but I could clearly see him with his nice white antlers. An 8 pointer with about a 16 inch spread. I decided I was going to kill this buck. I let up finally on my draw to wait for a shot, but both deer stepped into the thick brush behind my stand. I turned towards the tree, luckily I have a Tree Lounge deer stand and can shoot pretty much 360 degrees around my stand. I was looking for any opening in the brush that the buck might pass through when I saw a flash of antler on a deer step through a small opening and stop with a clear shot at it's vitals, but I could not see it's head. I drew back, settled on a spot behind his shoulder and released. I heard the swack of my arrow hitting it's mark and immediately the deer bolted forward. I quick looked to my right as 2 does and the 8 pointer cleared the brush and headed off into the marsh. The 8 pointer was loping through the marsh with his tail held high, as were the does and I could not see a mark of a hit and didn't have a good feeling. None of these deer looked to be wounded. I started turning back to my left to look in the opening to hopefully see a bloody arrow sticking in the ground, but instead saw a forkhorn buck standing just clear of the brush wavering with an arrow sticking out of it and it fell, rolled over on my arrow breaking it and expired. OOOOPPPPs, wrong buck. I had not seen that there were more deer but I was still very satisfied with a perfect hit, a dead buck and meat headed to the freezer.

    I was a bit worried though that it seemed like I didn't get very much penetration until I climbed down and walked over to gut it out and found that my shot penetrated the heart with my 3 blade 2 inch diameter cut Rocket Hammerheads and stuck in the leg bone of the off side. I guess I can't ask for more than that. I was sitting about 25 feet up and the deer was about 15 yards away.


    The following weekend my brother took a doe with his Cougar Fc and 2 weeks ago took a spike buck. Our buddy Tim closed on some hunting land the second week of the season he has been trying to buy and is holding out for a large buck that he has seen there.

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    Congrats, nice job. Always nice to get a good hart shot and no tracking. IMO the cleaner the kill the better the venison.

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    Sonny Thomas


    Congrats, Mike. I've shot the wrong deer before also. Two deer right out in the open, but blended so with the back ground.
    Yes, you did get good penetration. People just realized big bones are hard. And then some "blow hard" says; "Yeah, blowed through both shoulders." Give me a break! One of my closest shots was on a doe at maybe 15 yards. 380 gr arrow, 270 fps out of the bow for right at 61 ft lbs - said good for Elk. She ducked, but my arrow smashed her spine, only the tip of the chisel point break skin on the off side.

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    Congrats, looks like good eating right there, Thanksgiving ought to be nice at your house this year.
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