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After being told my cam was defective they now say the draw stop was setup incorrectly which somebody on here already said. I think im going to get a bow press because between a couple guys on here we had the problem figured out and my proshop was just about the worst customer support experience I've had to date. BUT im getting my bow back today so all is well in the world! Thanks again to everyone who helped me figure this out.
aceman, I have a CougarFC with the Fury XT cams and truthfully you really don't absolutely need a bow press to take the whole bow apart. I have done it with mine, my brother's and my buddy's bows a number of times. I would definitely pay attention to the cam's edges and the module's edge also. Smoothing those out and polishing them as other's have stated might still be needed. I do have a Bowmaster press, but I'm not sure it was any faster using it, just depends on what you are doing to the bow. Just thought I'd let you know if you didn't already know it.