I know its probably been asked a million times before but I'm going to help infuse more activity in this forum and ask again I have a new to me 2012 Scepter V which with a little luck should be waiting for me when I get home from work today. I purchased it bare bow from original owner and I'm now thinking about how to set it up. This will be a dedicated target bow and I intend to just shooting spots in my back yard. As far as arrow rest go, my hunting bow has a Whisker Biscuit and my 3d bow, I use a drop away. I'm sort of in analysis paralysis on what to do with the Scepter, Blade type or drop away? What would be a good choice in either type for the Scepter V? I'm currently shooting 500 spine aluminums. Also would like to hear any opinions on a reasonably priced sight. BTW, I was really relieved to see Martin saved from the auction block and hope they thrive for many generations to come. I've been shooting Martins since the 70's (Giving away my age) and always thought they built a good bow for a more than reasonable price point.