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Thread: What is a Martin Kam Act MK-2 bow worth?

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    Default What is a Martin Kam Act MK-2 bow worth?

    Hi, Could anyone please tell me what a Martin Kam Act MK-2 is worth? The serial# is A-1451. I really don't know much about bows so I can only tell you what I know. The bow was found in my sisters basement prestrung. Some of the nuts are rusty with a couple of marks and scratches on it. Nothing too bad. Also one part looks like it needs a little bit of glue. Sorry I don't know the parts of the bow. Could anyone tell me what its worth? Thank you

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    Sonny Thomas


    You can look up the Kam Act in Archery History. There were 1081 made, if I remember correctly. Pretty awesome bow for the time with super wide range of draw weight and draw length.

    Our 3D club President has two, one target color and one Martin Camo, greenish with tiny black spots. The camo is said of more interest, but no price was every discussed between Pat and Terry Martin that I know of.

    They are more a wall hanger and than a collector bow. Guessing, right person, maybe $100.00. I've got this out of old 4 and 6 wheeler bows.

    I have pictures, but for some reason I can't post pictures.

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