Well, my joy at getting a new to me Scepter V ended abruptly when I tried to loosen the draw length module screws to adjust. I busted 2 wrenches, sliced my finger open, twisted another like a pretzel. Finally decided to remove the cams and drill the heads off in my drill press. NO Go.........are these screws hardened? I melted the end of a drill bit in one Brought them to work today and hopefully my longtime friend and master toolmaker will be able to drill the heads off with a carbide drill. I hope part of the new Martin line up includes a better, more trouble free way to adjust draw length. I guess this is just sort of a rant as I only seem to have 2 choices at this point, hope they can be removes or buy new cams.........well maybe a third, learn to shoot it set to the draw length of an Orangutan. (I have the draw length of a Hobit)