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Thread: Weather forecasts

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    Default Weather forecasts

    It's pretty common knowledge that most animals (deer) are sensitive to barometric changes and chow down prior to impending storm fronts. But what about predicting what kind of weather we will have during the winter? I notice that all the squirrels around here have built their nests high in the trees this year. Does this mean that winter will be harsh with a lot of snow? What do animals know that we humans don't know? Are they really an accurate weather forecaster? I guess only time will tell.
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    As much as we'd like to think animals and insects have foresight, they don't, not long range at least. I've heard the black caterpillar thing and no, we did not have a bad winter. Right now, just beside our driveway is a hornets nest not 10 feet off the ground. The only thing that means is my wife is going to have one more next to her collection. Yeah, give a good shot of hornet spray, plug hole and seal the whole thing with lacquer.

    Horses and cattle heading for low spots when a storm heads our way, yeah seen it and seen just recently. Between 50 and 75 head of cattle in a deep ditch. We had something of 70 mph winds and rain blowing sideways. 30 miles farther in the wake of the storm Washington, Illinois was pretty much flattened and edges of Peoria and Pekin were hit. According to the news some 75 tornados were spotted in Illinois, Indiana and another I can't remember.

    Weather just right and I've seen our horses just having a ball, running and kicking and bucking. That nut lab of ours, she goes nuts all the time so no telling what kind of weather we're going to have. Distance thunder perhaps we couldn't hear had our Jack Russel Terrior trying to eat the door to get in the house. Sure enough soon after in the house here came the thunder....

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    I have always wondered the same thing. I look at the fat layer on does that we shoot in the latter parts of the season. Last year they didn't have a real thick layer and around here we didn't have a real tough winter. Although we had a lot of snow, it was spread out with a lot of thawing in between and a late spring. In farm country though like this there is always food for them it seems. The bucks rarely have any fat because of rut. The buck I shot on opening morning of our gun season this past Saturday had no fat on him what so ever. Huge swollen neck though. We haven't taken any does this year, we may take a couple this next week end and we'll see what they have. Otherwise we might go out during the later part of the archery season between Thanksgiving and Christmas to take some does.

    This definitely was the coldest opening weekend of our Wisconsin gun season that I remember in a long time. On Sunday all the marshes were frozen solid. Opening day had 20 to 30 mph winds with temperatures reaching only mid 20's without the wind chill facture. Not much deer movement and very few hunters staying in the woods.

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