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    Are The Limbs For The 07 Martin Sabre Easy To Crack? My Pro Shop Cracked Both Limbs, Thank God Their Paying For It, Just Dont Know How Easy This Would Be To Do In A Bow Vise.

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    Actually the limbs are pretty hard to crack, period. The limbs on the saber are the same as those used on all their bows if they are the same length. I am assuming the Saber has the 14" magnum limbs. These are the same on every bow using 14" limbs.

    Something bad had to have happened. Maybe an improper press job in the shop. Maybe a dry fire. Maybe just a set of bad limbs.

    I wouldn't get too worked up about it. You can bet the bow is under warranty and the limbs aren't costing the shop anything. I'll bet they just feel responsible or know they are and trying to make you feel good about them fixing the bow for free. Maybe call it "cover-up".

    You would know more than I. I'm just guessing.

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    had to figure it would be hard. the bow came with alot of goodies on it before i bought it , so someone probably didnt put in bow vise correctly. the shop is pretty good watching for dry fires. just fustrated waited 2 months to get off layaway,day i go to pickup and see this problem with my bow, its my first new one. should have it by weekend. thanks

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