So the cold weather has zapped the ole car battery. Yeah, had to put the charger on it yesterday. Fired up and I did the running for the wife and then dad's truck needed to go the garage with him using a walker because he fell and really banged up his knee. 87 years old, he don't need banged up.

So the battery died sometime during the night, like in died dead. New battery, no problem, right? WRONG! The battery is partial under the fender, battery posts to the front against the inner front grill and there's this body strut crisscrossing over the top, it has to come loose and "quarter" turned. Manual says it may take 30 minutes to change. Them %^@#$# flat rate guys never changed one outside in 20 degree weather with the wind blowing 100 mph....Well, enough to have -2 degree wind chill. And that wasn't the worst of it. They battery clamp, the nut welded unneather broke loose and the bolt won't won't loosen. Pry bar time. 20 minutes prying and the battery comes loose. Don't get happy yet. Positive post comes off first. The battery must be turned up on end of come out. You then can take the negative post off. Wanna know how cold tools get out in the open? I can tell you, but Barry would ban me.... So batteries for the Olds were rounded around the top. This was to get the battery out of the #$%#^$%&^ designed carpetment for it. Guess how new batteries come? Yeah, squared on the top. There's a carbon air filter box bolted to the frame from underneath. Mine is now customized. Yep, took a small sledge and caved in the side. And it still took a big screw driver to force the battery down in place. Great! Got it in. Got it hooked up. And the #$^%^^&%$ won't start! Not even a click! That the wife ran for the house does not mean I screamed all that loud and with great profanity. Just had to go to house quick was all. I don't know where the dogs went. So I'm looking around for something I might have pulled loose. Nothing. I hear something like a beep, click or whatever. My courtesy lights are on and their on with them being off. The doom light won't go out. More beeps and clicks. Read book. Nothing. Insert key into ignition. Speedometer indicator jumps. One beep, one click. The lights work like their suppose to and all on their own. Insert key again and try to start. It whipped over so fast I thought the engine was coming out. I didn't read where the computer has to reset itself after a battery change. !$#$%^ computers!
Two hands froze, one temper on fire and 3 hours and I have my Olds purring again.