hey everyone, got some venting to do about martin limbs..i have a 2009 rytera alien x, had barnsdale limbs on it. in 2011 they acquired a sliver on the bottom limb, took it to my martin dealer and they got me different limbs a month later (martin powertough limbs). the day I brought it home I noticed peeling/flaking up of the limbs. so I called my dealer and they said they would get another set of limbs and that was the last time I heard from them..i continued to shoot the bow up until the end of archery season here in pa. took bow back to my dealer and showed them what was going on and they ordered me new limbs. a month goes by and I called them to see if they got the bow back together and they said the new limbs blew apart as they were talking it out of the press..so now I have to wait another month to get limbs and play a game of "CHICKEN" with the new limbs..whats going on with martin and their limbs?? if I knew it was going to be this bad I would have ordered new barnsdale limbs for it..anybody have any answers for me??