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Thread: Cheetah M-PRO Cam off set - normal ?

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    Default Cheetah M-PRO Cam off set - normal ?

    Aloha everyone. I'm a proud owner of a 2008 Cheetah. I am waiting on arrows and I can't shoot it. The wait is really agonizing.

    I was wondering if its normal to have the MPro Cam ride so close to the limbs on the Cheetah. It's not touching the limbs and I can slip a folded dollar bill in between the cam and the limb, but it is really close. I feel when shot, the cam could make contact with the limb.

    Also, when I follow the Basic Set Up instructions in the manual I can't align the shooting string down the center of the grip because of the way the cam rides.

    Is all of this normal on all Bengals and Cheetahs?
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